What Is CMIDP?

The Center for Managing Implementation of Developmental Programs (CMIDP) is a knowledge- based resource pool of distinguished development experts, consultants and learning specialists concerned with enhancing capacity of clients for pro-poor activities among developing nations. The CMIDP promote development dialogue across the continents .Its learning forum fosters an open exchange of development dialogue between experienced development practioneers among the developing countries, and cultivates their effective partnership and close communications.


Study Tour on “Social Change and Integrated Development for the Poorest of the Poor”

The primary objective

For the CMIDP initiative for study tours is facilitation of sharing of developing country experiences between practitioners. The CMIDP shall organize study tours of senior level policy planners and development practitioners of developing countries to three south Asian countries (Bangladesh, India and Indonesia), which has succeeded in implementing pro-poor micro-development activities. The focus will be sharing directly of experiences with the program designers, program beneficiaries, stakeholders, and civil societies at the grass roots level. The outcome of the study tour will be, first, advancing of redevelopment agenda among countries of similar developmental agenda, and second, acceleration of institutional change and innovation as a result of the first hand experience of the participants.


Learning Workshop on “Enhancing Client Capacity for Achieving Development Results”

The newly designed learning workshop

“Enhancing Client Capacity for Achieving of Developmental Results” (ECCADR) is expected to be the flagship of the CMIDP sponsored learning event for the staff of the client countries and staff of partner donor agencies. This has been specifically designed to enhance client staff capacity for designing and implementing pro -poor micro developmental programs at grass roots and empowering community organizations for implementing the program. The Course comprises of 15 learning themes covered with four Modules, and is designed as a 12-day learning event. However the duration of the course is flexible and could be expanded to 15 days or 20 days, to fill the skill capacity gaps of the participants.



Toward achieving the capacity development objectives for its Clients, the CMIDP pools experienced and qualified capacity development experts and learning facilitations from retired but active staff from reputed organizations such as the World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, UNDP, United Nations Secretariat, US Based Universities and academic institutions.


The CMIDP Learning Activities Cover Entire Development Spectrum

The CMIDP is equipped to design and deliver a wide range of learning events covering the entire developmental spectrum. This includes among others:

Managing Implementation of a Portfolio of Projects ( 3 days)

Designed for the project implementation staff, the course strives to equip partner country staff for efficient management of project implementation across a sector such as Education, Health, Community Development Initiatives or across administrative levels such as Provinces and Districts.

Assuring Quality of Portfolio of Projects at the Federal Levels ( 5 days)

Designed for the officials of the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, and other federal ministries, the course strives to equip the participants on the Project Quality Dimensions and how to ensure such factors during project concept as well as implementation.